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Top 10 Natural Mascaras

Finding effective natural, vegan and organic mascara options for your kit can be a challenge - Sjaniël's rounded up a list of our favourite tried and tested natural mascaras.

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Natural mascaras need a little caveat, since formulating a truly natural mascara is extremely difficult.  The main ingredients that make commercial mascaras work well are the very synthetic ingredients that the organic beauty world try to avoid and therefore natural mascaras can be a difficult swap for some.  Finding the look and finish you want or are used to can be a challenge if you don’t know the products well – silicone is a mainstay ingredient in mascaras and makes them waterproof or smudge free. Formulating without silicone (a man-made, plastic polymer and non-biodegradable pollutant) is challenging, but these brands do it best.  Mascara smudging occurs when lashes touch the skin on or below your eyelids as you blink and the skin’s natural oils rub against the product – at the end of the day your eye shape will determine how much smudging you end up with.  Waterproof mascara is only possible with some addition of silicone and if your particular shoot calls for waterproofing you will need a non-natural, waterproof backup option. 

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but a little mascara never hurts!


Hiro has blown much of the competition out of the water with this amazing little powerhouse of a mascara. It comes in black and brown and has a smaller than standard tube which means you’ll use it up before it gets too old. It gives amazing volume and has incredible staying power for a natural mascara and this sans silicone – I will confess (let’s say in the name of research – do not try this at home) to have gone to bed with this product on my lashes and woken up with it all still in place.  Beat that!  100% natural and vegan, with a high percentage of organic ingredients, makes this a great fit for kit or day to day wear, especially for those with sensitive eyes.


This mascara rivals some of the most popular commercial offerings with generous product on application that coats the lashes well and gives you a definite bold lash finish, layered it can have a great spider lash effect.  It also has surprisingly good staying power without smudging. 100% natural and vegan, this is a great product for those that love that ‘extra’ lash effect look and feel. Also in brown. 


Not only does this mascara tick the sustainability and organic box big time, it is a godsend for those with sensitive eyes. The bamboo casing comes with a refillable inner, so you can simply reorder the essential part, whilst the formula is 100% natural and 58% organic (VERY good for mascara).  Lengthening and separating lashes well for those who love cleanly coated lashes without clumps. Once dry, this Aloe Vera rich formula amazingly stays put and does not smudge when rubbed. A perfect every day mascara. (Also available in dark brown)


This is the perfect mascara for those who love a natural, subtle lash that is separated and clump free. The formula has a glossy black finish and the clever brush design helps to keep lashes separated.  Highly recommended as a ‘first makeup’ option for your eco-conscious tween as there is no overkill effect with this product. The formula is made with 100% natural dye (carbon-black free) and also comes in a handy mini size if you prefer making sure it’s all used up before it expires.



This certified organic and super affordable mascara is a favourite of our own Khandiz who swears by it for her kit.  It has great coverage, volume and lift and is a lovely deep black. It definitely gives the desired effect for those who want their lashes to look primed.  With 57% ingredients from organic origin and 99% of those ingredients being natural, this is a great mascara. Did we forget to mention it only costs about £6 a pop! 


Green People has surprised with this amazing product as most people don’t associate it with makeup, though their growing selection has some exceptional options.  This mascara gives incredible length and volume with a silicone brush that does a great job at giving lashes excellent definition.  Drying to a matte black, the overall effect is very commercial worthy and it’s bound to become a staple for many. 98% natural ingredients with all-natural pigments and 15% ingredients from organic farming it’s a great all rounder for any makeup bag. Also available in a natural brown.


As a makeup artist, Kirsten Kjaer Weis understands how products work best and made this mascara much smaller than what we’re used to seeing out there.  Generally, mascara goes off after 3 months of being exposed to air and bacteria transfer from our lashes and environment, so the smaller, refillable container makes perfect sense as you’re more likely to finish the product. It is also one of the very few long-lasting and smudge free options in organic mascaras. Smudging occurs mainly due to an eye shape where your lashes touch your skin when you blink – the oils on your skin will mix with the product and break it down and therefore residue sits on your skin. This formula coats the lashes and then dries to a matte black so that it does not smudge once dry. Easily removed at the end of the day with a bit of cleansing oil.


One of the few natural mascaras that claim to be waterproof, this may be the answer for those who’ve been looking for a natural product that works with their smudge prone or tear prone eyes.  The deep black formula can give a very natural finish or with several layers be build up for more volume and length. The thick natural bristle brush applies the mascara gently onto the lashes and even a few layers won’t turn into clumps.  Some dimethicone has been added to achieve its waterproof effect (which most commercial products are solely based on & natural products try to avoid) but may be the best compromise when the rest of the ingredients comply with natural mascara standards. The formula is also vegan and gluten free.


Australian vegan certified brand INIKA has done a great deal of reformulating lately and now offer 4 different mascara options.   This Long Lash mascara is great and gives just the right amount of product with one coat for lengthening effect and is buildable for extra volume without clumping.  The brush is tapered and a good size for maximum control. Long lasting with the perfect intense black finish.  Also available in brown. 


The explanations above are meant to be a guide to steer you in a direction that will work for your personal and professional preferences and a great indicator for where to start with different looks for your kit – ultimately you may have to try a few before you find your perfect selection. All-natural and organic certified mascaras are cruelty-free by default.  

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