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The Benefits of Choosing Soil Association COSMOS Certified Beauty Products

One aspect of developing a sustainable practice is choosing products made with practices that respect the boundaries of the earth's systems. In celebration of Organic Beauty + Wellbeing Week, Georgia Barnes – Head of Business Development: Beauty & Wellbeing, Fashion & Textiles, shares some of the benefits of choosing Soil Association COSMOS certified products for your pro-kit or personal beauty regime, in this guest post.


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Choosing SA COSMOS certified products is one of the easiest ways to ensure the products you are using meet the highest levels of environmental practices and social ethics.

This Organic September, the Soil Association’s Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week Campaign showcases Nature because we believe Nature has the answer. 

We know that organic is better for wildlife and biodiversity; better for the soil and works to close the loop regarding packaging and plastics.

Nature has the answer

Organic soils are around 25% more effective at storing carbon in the long term, and organic farms are home to 30% more species or wildlife, and up to 75% more wild bees.

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But what does this have to do with the beauty industry, and why does certification matter?

Certification + Greenwashing

It’s important to start by explaining the importance of “certified” – the beauty industry isn’t regulated in the same way the food sector is. A product can have as little as 1% organic ingredient in it and claim to be organic.

Certification is a vital tool in combatting greenwashing in an industry that still has real trust issues. In our Beauty & Wellbeing Market Report this year, we found that although 56% of consumers think beauty and wellbeing brands should do more to reduce their impact on the environment, nearly half (49%) of surveyed consumers agreed that many beauty and wellbeing brands are “greenwashing” (spending more time and money on marketing themselves as environmentally friendly rather than actually being more environmentally friendly).

There is little regulation in the personal care industry here in the U.S., and legislation can take a long time to change. Seeking the COSMOS Certification was a way for us to legitimize our commitments to creating safe, efficacious skincare. We’ve also grown rapidly over the last year in international markets and since COSMOS is a leading global certification, it was the right fit for us” – Indie Lee, Co-founder & CEO Indie Lee.

COSMOS certification protects the ethos of organic and goes way beyond the ingredient content of a product. My team run through a broad array of requirements when certifying a beauty and wellbeing product, ranging from ingredient selection, product processing and manufacturing, all the way through to environmental management and packaging and labelling.

Unfortunately greenwash in this sector is still rife, and as a consumer it’s difficult to decode ingredients. Soil Associations’ COSMOS logos provide shoppers with a quick and easy on-pack reference that they can trust. the logo is a reassurance that all the hard work has been done – across the entire supply chain – to ensure the product is ethically sourced and produced”. – Katie Hill, co-Founder, My Green Pod.

Soil Association Closing the loop infographic

Soil Association COSMOS Organic Certification Assurances

Products that are SA COSMOS certified give you the reassurance that these products really do walk the walk. The companies, and people behind the product, have worked tirelessly to make sure the product they are making meets the four principles of organic

Soil Association COSMOS environmental principles

COSMOS Organic Certification ensures:

  • Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
  • Protects Wildlife & Biodiversity
  • No controversial chemicals (including parabens and phthalates)
  • No synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances
  • Never tested on animals
  • Minimal packaging with maximum recycled content

Choosing an SA COSMOS certified product, such as Tabitha James Kraan, Tropic Skincare or Garnier Organic (to name a few), is a real and measurable way to vote for more sustainable living in their everyday decision making and support the future of our environment.

It’s what the planet would choose.

Find out more

For more information the certification process, or if you are a brand founder interested in applying for certification, follow the links below.

Why Certify?

Certify with us

Soil Association Certified Organic Brands

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