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About this webinar

We all know how important it is to wear SPF to prevent ageing and more importantly, prevent burning and decrease our likelihood of developing skin cancer – for all skin colours. 

In recent years, we have heard more about the impacts of certain sunscreen chemicals on coral, which has seen the term ‘reef safe’ become another claim being used to market product, but without evidence. It’s easy to assume that ‘natural’ or mineral sunscreens are better for us and for the ocean, but is that automatically the case?

In a professional capacity, many natural sunscreens are problematic – not because they don’t work, but rather because of their texture and the white cast left behind from the physical blockers Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which also makes them unsuitable for many of our black and brown clients. 

In this webinar, we want to dive into the complexities of SPF formulation, the “reef safe claims”, and best practice in wearing and choosing the right SPF for you and your clients or work scenarios. We are joined by Allard Marx, founder of Aethic Skincare – the first SPF to be certified eco-compatible with triple filter technology.

This will be a live recorded event via Zoom.

Points of Discussion

  • How does SPF work and why it’s important 
  • The differences between physical and chemical sun filters, and their impact on human health
  • SPF’s relationship with the water cycle
  • The pros and cons of nano ingredients for SPF formulation
  • How certain chemicals impact the environment 
  • Do these, and other chemicals only impact marine life or can they damage aquatic life in freshwater?
  • Natural vs Synthetic filters
  • The truth about ‘reef safe’ claims


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