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Naturally, we all want to reduce our packaging waste by reducing, reusing and refilling before we recycle our beauty packaging, but unlike everyday consumers, as beauty practitioners, we are super-beauty-consumers, and there are certain additional expectations and practicalities to consider with regards to our practice. There is also enormous amounts of misinformation about what beauty packaging can and can’t be recycled, the likelihood it will be recycled at all, and what needs to be done prior to return or recycling the packaging. 

This webinar will discuss the in’s and out’s of  recycling,  refilling and repurposing cosmetics,  and will provide attendees with practical information about the challenges and triumphs of various return and recycling schemes, as well as best practice, best questions to ask brands and what solutions are coming, including more general information for those who don’t have access to such schemes.

We welcome three incredible, insightful panelists including, Ameenah Begum, founder of Cos Watercolours, Jo Chidley, co-founder of Beauty Kitchen and Return.Refill.Repeat and Stephen Clarke, Head of Communications for TerraCycle and Loop Europe.

Ticket holders can watch the playback of the original recording (18/3/2021) in our Screening Room. An access password will be included in your ticket receipt.


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