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About this webinar

We know that the bulk of CO2 emissions on a production come from travel, energy use and accommodation. In the race to reduce CO2e emissions net-zero in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change – we all need to step up and do whatever we can to reduce those emissions in the first place. 

When Production is doing their Carbon Footprint report (if they are indeed doing one) they calculate the travel,  energy use, and accommodation emissions of all departments, but what is not included is the scope 3 emissions of the products and services required for each department. The Hair and makeup department is heavily reliant on these “embedded GHG emissions” and these are often not factored into current film + tv carbon calculators.

What’s more, sustainability is not exclusive to environmental outputs, but also encompasses your cast and crew health and wellbeing. Unsociable hours, hard subject matter and toxic work environments can all have an impact on how ‘sustainable’ a job really is. 

We know that every production is different, and simply saying “use natural and organic products” is insufficient and unrealistic to meet the demands of the job – and we must also often consider the preferences of the talent. So, what can we as professionals do to reduce our environmental footprint and increase our social impact?

This will be a live recorded event via Zoom.

Points of Discussion

    • What is a sustainable truck, really?
    • The best products and tools to use for film and tv
    • Ways Locations and/or Unit could support our green initiatives 
    • Best practice for team (mental) health + wellbeing
    • Wider practices to consider for reducing waste
    • What HoDs need to be doing vs what can the rest of the team be doing
    • What resources are out there if Production isn’t doing anything about their environmental impact




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