The Conscious Beauty Pledge

I love beauty in all its forms and I understand that my choices and actions have a social and environmental impact. I know that humanity is facing a climate emergency and nothing less than the survival of the ecosystems and species we need to survive are at stake.

I am ready to step up and play a role to kick off rapid, crucial, positive change to address the critical situation we’re in.

I want to play a part in creating a world that is just, fair and safe for all beings.  

I want to support beauty in all its forms.

I therefore pledge to:

– Give myself a clear direction to make it easier for me to have an impact by clarifying my personal and/or professional values as they relate to the beauty industry.

– Set explicit goals that align to my values and help me to have a positive impact on society and the environment

– Do my due diligence on the brands I use and the people and clients I collaborate with and choose those that prioritise Stewardship, Transparency, Integrity and Inclusivity.

– Actively minimise product and packaging waste from my beauty routine and/or practice by buying less.

– Share best practice with my friends, family and peers and promote a collaborative culture in the beauty industry and around beauty culture.

– Promote positive beauty messaging through my social channels

– Hold brands and peers accountable in a respectful-but-challenging way that encourages others to join this movement and rewards those who make an effort to have a positive impact.

– Pro-actively promote the collective, values-driven approach of all of those signing this pledge to help the beauty sector transform into a force for global positive impact.

– Continually assess my products and practices according to the values I’ve set for myself.