Multidisciplinary Artist + SUstainability Professional

Khandiz has been a hair and makeup artist for two decades. Prior to studying makeup, she attended art school. Her work marries conceptual art and thought-provoking narratives using eco-beauty alternatives.

Her entry into conscious beauty stems from in life-long interest in environmentalism. She has been experimenting with natural beauty brands since 2006. In 2012 she moved to London from her native Cape Town and began actively switching out her professional kit. Her editorial and commercial clients include Harpers Bazaar Japan, Fashion Revolution, Absolution Cosmetics, Twelve Beauty and Hunger Magazine. Khandiz has been working with an exclusively eco-ethical kit since 2014 after systematically replacing mainstream and conventional brands. 

Passionate about storytelling, creative thinking and systems change, culminating in her entrepreneurial spirit. This has led her to retrain as a sustainability professional. Khandiz holds a certificate from Cambridge University’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership, is certified by the Carbon Literacy Project as ‘Carbon Literate’, and has a diploma Sustainability Leadership from IEMA. Khandiz is a regular panellist and guest speaker at clean beauty and sustainable fashion events. She has also guest lectured at LCF, is an assessor on CISL’s Communication for Influence and Impact short course,  and provides independent training and workshops for Film & TV on developing a sustainable practice – most recently for BECTU’s ‘Bitesize’ vocational training.

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