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CBU was founded by five leading conscious beauty experts – Khandiz Joni, Lou Dartford, Nat Van Zee, Sjaniël Turrell and Tahira Herold – in late 2018.

Our experience as seasoned makeup artists, beauty bloggers, hairstylists, skincare experts, a nutrition expert, cosmetic acupuncture and sustainability consulting lead us to create something by beauty professionals, for beauty professionals.

What sets us apart from other collectives is the way we live our lives, and our individual purpose is what inspires how we work. Conscious beauty is the professional manifestation of the daily life choices we make.

Day to day we work in fashion, beauty, celebrity, advertising and education, giving a voice to conscious, ethical brands that perform and offer value, beyond just good looks.

We champion natural, organic and clean beauty because they avoid potentially harmful chemicals and are many of them are created with sustainability and integrity at their core.

Each of our founders has been a trailblazer in this beauty movement, as well as pivotal in the growth and development of the sector in the UK for more than five years at the time we formed the ‘union’.

Our expertise is in organic, natural, sustainable and ethical beauty.

While Nat and Sjaniël chose to step away from the day-to-day running of the company, they will always be a part of CBU, and we are thankful for their contribution to the team and the conscious beauty industry at large.

sustainability education for beauty professionals

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