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Define Your Practice

What are the things you are not prepared to compromise on in your beauty practice?

At Conscious Beauty Union, our mission is to support freelance beauty professionals working across advertising, fashion, film, private clients, salons and beyond to develop a robust practice that reduces our impact on people and the Planet, and allows the global beauty industry to flourish in a sustainable way.

What makes one a conscious artist is having a practice built on a belief system defined by a strong moral code. However, as a beauty practitioner, but we know that it’s not always as easy or as simple as declaring that we are ‘zero-waste’ or ‘green’.

Using our Value and Compromise tool to help you define your practice and support you in aligning your practice with suitable products in our CBU Approved Brand Directory. You can filter the directory to show you which brands will be suitable for your practice. This approach helps to reduce product and resources waste, and save you time and money. 

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