Conscious Beauty Sessions

Masterclasses, beauty chats and webinars for beauty professionals seeking to improve their understanding of sustainability, ethics and wellbeing across the all aspects of the beauty industry.

What Are The Conscious Beauty Sessions?

Conscious Beauty Union, a.k.a CBU is a growing global community of makeup artists and other beauty professionals looking to develop a sustainable beauty practice. We offer education on sustainability, ethics and wellness and wellbeing across the beauty industry. 

In conjunction with our written articles and live events, our Conscious Beauty  Sessions form part of our educational offering through virtual webinars and master classes.

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Past Events

23 September 2020, 10:30 BST/GMT

Join Sjaniël for a 1-hour introduction and Q&A to understanding conscious beauty ingredients and how they relate to health and sustainability.

What makes a beauty product ‘green’? How much do the ingredients in a product matter and if so, what do you need to look out for?

Masterclass: Developing A Sustainable Practice As A Beauty Professional

This unique 1.5-hour masterclass will provide you with the tools and questions you need to be asking to develop a long-term plan to develop a sustainable practice as a beauty professional – no matter where in the world you live/work. 

Presented by Conscious Beauty Union’s sustainability expert, Khandiz Joni.

Personal Branding Webinar

Discover the importance of building a personal brand as a freelance makeup artist, session stylist or beauty professional, and the find out more about the benefits of establishing aligned relationships with beauty PR’s in this exclusive one hour webinar. 

With expert panellists Ailish Lucas from The Glow Getter Collective, Alice-Christiana Leon from The Agency and Mel Jenkins from Glow Organic/Make Fair

Our first webinar took place on May 29th, 2020.
Our founding members Khandiz, Sjaniel, Lou and Tahira took the opportunity to introduce themselves and the mission of CBU. We shared our journeys into conscious beauty, and how we adapted our practices and wider life philosophies to our work and eventually came together to create this platform. We also shared our vision for CBU going forward, which is to create a supportive community of beauty professionals seeking to make their work more sustainable by sharing information, education and experience. We discussed the 4 pillars that govern us: Education, Sustainability, Ethics + Health + Wellbeing.  In the last part of the webinar we were able to answer questions from participants and also got some feedback as to how we can bring the CBU vision to life while meeting the needs of our future members.
Watch the recording.

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Additional Resources

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