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Historically, natural and organic hair care and styling products has proved challenging in meeting the efficiency needs of consumers and professionals alike. However, that is no longer the case! 

Read Tahira’s personal and professional recommendations.

“Take good advice, make sure it is good advice.
Then do it your way”

Vidal Sasson


Curls Redefined is the Bouclème tag line and I couldn’t agree more. Passionate about the planet and helping people embrace their curls naturally has been at the centre of Bouclème since its inception. The brand uses fair trade ingredients and as much local manufacturing and eco ingredients as possible. Their products are biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable. They also offer convenient larger sizes for bulk buying and are sulphate and silicone-free.  There is a lot of support and help on their website for those learning how to care for their curls naturally, as well as a range of products perfect for our pro kits.

Tahira’s Favourites: The Curl Towel, Curl Defining Gel

To Try: Intensive Moisture Treatment, The Super Hold Styler

John Masters Organics

John Masters was an Organic Hair Care pioneer. He established the first ‘Clean Air Salon’ in 1994 in Manhattan following his belief that natural ingredients could be used to create quality clean haircare. A tiny kitchen operation turned into a busy salon and this vision has led to a full haircare, skincare and body care brand sold in over 70 countries.

Tahira’s Favourite: The Hair Milk

To try: The  Salt spray, Hair Paste

Innersense Organic Beauty

I will invite you to read the brand story behind Innersense, because it is impossible to paraphrase the beautiful journey of the family and love behind this brand.  Committed to more sustainable practices, at the time of writing they are working on creating a more circular system to reduce their impact on the planet. Innersense provide professional quality hair care designed to help their colleagues and clients use products that are effective but made with Organic and sustainable ingredients that are ethically sourced and have one of the wider ranges of styling products on offer.

Tahira’s Favourites: I Create Lift FoamI Create Finish 

To Try: I Create Waves Mist,  I Create Volume Lotion


Rahua is also another brand that is built on a core of sustainable wild-harvested ingredients and the preservation and respect of the Amazonian ecosystem and forest.  They also have a beautiful brand story and videos explaining their sourcing and harvesting of their ingredients.  The core of the brand is ungurahua oil which for aeons has been used by Amazonian women to treat and care for their hair. The nuts are obtained through an ancient ceremonial process in the rainforest. The men gather the precious Rahua nuts from self-sustained trees, and the women cook and hand-extract the oil.  This range really specialises in treating and nourishing dry or damaged hair but they cater to all hair types.

Tahira’s Favourites: Cream Wax, Freestyle Texturizer 

To Try: Amazon Oil, Omega 9 Hair Mask

Less Is More

Less is More is a beautiful brand hails from Austria and was created by a chemist passionate about the environment and creating nature identical products that work – and a salon owner and hairstylist. The range was really created to give clients and professionals alike,  a hair care line that is effective and mindful of the planet. Many of their products are for creating volume and style for finer European hair.  Their brushes are also extremely high quality and carefully crafted.

Tahira’s Favourites: Lime SouffléRose Serum

To try: The Kiesel Wax , Honey Wax

Tahira’s Top Tip

Many of the more ecological hair products described above are oil-based and free from the silicone used in many commercial brands. This means the hair will be more nourished but may take some getting used to in terms of quantity.
It may be wise to try the products at home a few times before using them on a paying client!


In conclusion there are many brands that offer styling solutions for hairstylists trying to work using conscious beauty products. As ever, the more you work with them, the more accustomed you will become to maximising each product’s use and letting your artistic flair create beautiful hair for a variety of clients.

We shared more about Rahua, Innersense and another of our favourite brands Afrocenchix during our story telling month, you can read the article here.

We also had the most fantastic masterclass with Tabitha James Kraan, a pioneer in the organic hair industry. She shares her approach to haircare, using her professional range of products in a demonstration of her core principles and philosophy to hair. Click here for our screening room.

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