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The 8 Concealers We Love To Cover Up – Without Compromise

Concealers are an essential part of the makeup artist arsenal. Lighter concealers can often be used on their own in lieu of a foundation, and heavier concealers will pack a punch when it comes to covering up stronger discolourations.

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Below is a list of concealers as compiled and tested by Tahira.

It is rare that a makeup artist will use a single product or colour to achieve the look required, so having a range of textures and undertones to layer may be necessary depending on the requirements.

Many conscious beauty concealers are made without silicone or plastics to make them long-lasting like standard brands which can sometimes lead to fading throughout the day. My ‘Makeup Artist Trick’ is to set the product with a thin layer of powder and a puff, pressing into the makeup. You also may experience creasing under the eye – this will just need to be monitored and touched up. This is normal in a product with natural oils and waxes as a base and can just be a ‘side effect’ of using a more natural product. Learn more about having a Sustainable Makeup Kit here .

On the plus side, as the technology is improving, so are the products. In addition, many of these brands come from a skincare background or have chosen to infuse their concealers/coverups with ingredients beneficial and healing to the skin. Learn more about ingredients in this introductory Conscious Beauty Session with Sjaniël.

Light to Medium Coverage

Madara Organic Makeup: This vegan-friendly, soft liquid formula is very light and blends easily. It has a slight radiance and melts into the skin and comes in a range of 6 shades

Ilia Beauty:  The Ilia True Serum Concealer is more towards a medium coverage, but it is still light and blends smoothly and easily. It has a range of 12 shades with a good choice of undertones making shade selection quite accurate. It is also vegan-friendly.

Absolution Cosmetics: This has been one of our favourite concealers at CBU. Highly pigmented and in a simple small tube. The range consists of 5 colours + 1 corrector could use a bit more variety, however, the shades tend to blend into an assortment of skin tones. They are vegan-friendly.

Kjaer Weis: This concealer launched in the summer of 2020 to rave reviews. The formula is slightly dryer than its counterparts in this category and has a matte finish. It blends easily into the under-eye area and almost sets itself. The twelve shades are broken into different undertones, making product selection very easy. Kjaer Weis works on a refillable model, so you can buy the tube without the applicator.

Medium to Full Coverage

RMS Beauty ‘Un-Cover-Up:  This iconic little pot can be considered on the lighter side of a medium coverage, but is buildable. The creamy formula makes it very easy to use and blend and the colour range suits a variety of skin tones with 16 shades. it has been long used as a “foundation” on its own.

Sappho New Paradigm Concealer: Canadian-based brand Sappho have a cream concealer in 5 colours that are near full coverage. This densely pigmented corrector is suitable for vegans, and is designed to have a very slight reflectiveness to brighten under the eye – but we would love to see more colours because it’s a good texture.

Ere Perez Arnica Concealer: Made with healing Arnica, this concealer is designed to cover spots and discolourations. The colour range is quite narrow and pink-based, however, if you do find a colour that works, the formula is a lovely creamy texture with good coverage.

Hynt Beauty Duet Concealer: This creamy textured concealer is also an icon of green beauty, smooth and easily blendable, but with good coverage, the Duet concealer melts into the skin. Though this concealer comes in 7 colours, it would be great if the brand could expand the range to include additional darker, deeper tones and undertones.


Like most mainstream brands, natural and organic brands have concealers in a wide variety of textures and tones. It is important to take a moment to try the product before buying it for your kit, and learning how to best work with each one. The beauty of these products is that they often melt seamlessly into the skin, offering an easy solution for a flawless but natural makeup look, but the natural oils and waxes may need more setting than a concealer from a mainstream brand, which tend to contain silicones. 


Photo Franciso Andreotti via @unsplash

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