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Their cosmetics are designed for everyone, regardless of gender identity, age, ethnicity, or body type.

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According to their website, their ingredients are about 75% organic. They currently don’t hold any specific organic certifications.

Their website also stipulates that all their products are free of nano-sized particles and gluten.

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Elate are extremely animal conscious. This is shown by 100% of its products being vegan. They’ve also gained certifications by both Leaping Bunny and PeTA to show their full commitment to animal welfare.

The mica used in Elate products is fair trade and sourced from suppliers who are active members of the Responsible Mica Initiative and Elate do use RSPO certified palm oil in some of their products. This means it is responsibly managed and audited regularly.

Their website states that they prioritise making their ingredients fair trade if being both organic and fair trade is not possible. This is because it’s critical to Elate that every person involved in the making of their cosmetics is treated ethically and fairly.

Elate donate 2% of their net earnings. 1% towards social initiatives, that support charities helping people around the globe. The other 1% goes to environmental initiatives, including planting one tree for each order they receive.

Click here to learn more about the positive impact Elate has had for both environmental and social charities.

Their current complexion line, which includes pressed foundations (10), concealers (9) and various liquid foundations, has a good range of shades. Their marketing fully supports a diverse collection of people wearing Elate cosmetics.

sustainability education for beauty professionals
Sustainable Beauty Education

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Elate is a certified B Corp Corporation. This means that they legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This has resulted in Elate making key choices in how they run their business.

Their current packaging is approximately 75% waste-free. This is due to the use of biodegradable options like compostable bamboo and seed paper for their product’s packaging.

The wood in their pencils is Californian cedar wood certified by the Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification. PEFC certified wood guarantees sustainable forest management.

They also recently eliminated plastic packaging in their concealer range, and aim to find eco-friendly alternatives for their loose powder refills.

Click here to learn more about Elate’s sustainability practices.




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