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A skincare brand who formulate clean and efficacious products, designed to optimise your skin’s health.

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BYBI uses 100% natural ingredients in all of their formulations. 

However, they do not have any certifications for this category. 

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BYBI is certified vegan by the Vegan Society and is also Leaping Bunny certified.

Inclusivity: All their products are suitable for all genders, ages and skin types – and their marketing supports this.  

BYBI have committed to ethically sourcing their ingredients. They require a modern-slavery policy from each of their suppliers and work with Fairtrade partnerships in their supply chain.

Recently they have shown their ongoing support of the Black Lives Matter Movement by making charitable donations to UBELE, United Families & Friends Campaign and Blueprint for All (formerly known as the Stephen Lawerence Charitable Trust). These charities are all committed to the ongoing support of young people and BAME communities.

sustainability education for beauty professionals
Sustainable Beauty Education

Packaging, Practices + Policies


BYBI have an excellent approach to sustainability throughout their business. From local sourcing, renewable and upcycled ingredients from the food industry to a clear sustainability plan that is prominently featured on their website.

As part of their carbon footprint reduction strategy, they produce in the UK.

Their in-house facility only produces small runs of products – powered entirely by green energy, and their manufacturing machinery is manual, which limits energy use significantly. For their mass-production runs, they work with UK-based third-party facilities. BYBI commit to switching to partners that are run on 100% green energy in 2021.

They ensure that once their products have been produced, they are delivered to their final destination in electric vehicles.

There’s also a great effort made to ensure their packaging is carefully sourced to help reduce their environmental impact. Their products are delivered in grasspaper boxes. Grasspaper is paper made from the pulp of grass rather than the conventional wood –  requiring 80% less energy to produce than pulp paper, saving approximately 4.8 tonnes of carbon per tonne produced.

BYBI also has a clear recycling programme named ReBYBI. It’s a circular recycling scheme that allows customers to return their used BYBI bottles to be sterilised and reused like for like.

 Learn more about BYBI’s sustainability here.




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