How To get Beautiful Skin in 4 Steps

As conscious beauty professionals we are already thinking about reducing our plastic consumption within our practise, but what about those hidden plastics inside the actual formulations?

Proper skin preparation and care  is an essential part of the makeup process. Regardless of the final makeup look you are creating, good skincare helps the clients skin remain healthy if working on a longer project  and can help the makeup last longer for the shooting day.

Good skin preparation will also ensure a smooth application of each product and maximise its efficiency.

To learn more about basic skin care and types, please read this article by Lou Dartford.

4 Steps to Beautiful skin



Step 1 to beautiful skin is cleansing.

Washing the face properly with a cleanser, warm water and a towel is the ideal for fresh skin. Apply an appropriate cleanser first massaging in, before washing off with water and a towel.  You may need to double cleanse if you need to remove makeup first before cleansing the skin.

For oilier skin types, you may consider a gentle foaming wash like the Weleda Witch Hazel Foaming Wash.

The  Pai Camelia + Rose Cleanser  is a great one to have in your kit, because it is very gentle and good for sensitive skin, so a great all rounder. 

For a more luxury option try Twelve Beauty Cleansing Balm for a deep nourishing cleanse or for a more budget friendly option try the Sukin Senstive cleanser.

However, a rinse off double cleanse is not always time friendly or possible in which case, micellar water and a cotton pad is the only option. For tips on exchanging disposables pads for washable ones, read this article.

Great Organic options are Inika Micellar Water or Sukin Micellar Water  but many brands at a variety of price points offer cleansing water now.

If time is really not on your side, try the Biodegradeable LBB skincare Take Off-Touch Down Wipes


Exfoliate + Tone

Liquid exfoliants are handy to remove dead or dry skin that can cause dulling or the makeup to become patchy.

Applying some of this type of product to a cotton pad (washable or disposable) is a quick and no mess way to freshen the surface of the skin, but be sure not to use anything that is too strong that can cause dryness and irritation.

Try Ready Steady Glow from Ren Skincare, The Beauty Kitchen Skin Refiner, or the Aveda Exfoliator.

If there is time/ space to use wash off exfoliant – try the Bybi Beauty Soothe and Smooth, or mask exfoliants like the Josh Rosebrook Enzyme Mask

It is not always necessary to exfoliate, but it is always  preferable to apply a toner of facial mist prior to applying moisturiser.

Some toners need to be applied using a cotton pad, and others come in a misting form.

This step ensures that hydration stays locked into the skin.

To try: Evolve Beauty Hydrating Mist, the Sukin Toning Mist or the Weleda Witch Hazel Toner.



Face Oil + Serum

Once the skin has been cleansed and refreshed and ready to receive moisture a mix of Oil/ Serum and/ or moisturiser.

Simple Singular oils like Trilogy Rosehip Oil as a simple face oil to boost moisture or try the Weleda Almond Oil. Blended oils can offer a variety of properties like  Sesenne by Skin Alchemists or the Afro Hair + Skin Flow Oil.

Male clients will benefit from a simple oil also nbeing massaged into their facial hair for a smoother finish.

For a Light Serum with as much hydration try the Oskia Super 16 Serum or the Bybi Beauty Supercharge Serum

For a bit of a skin boost try the Novel Skincare Love Letters Ace Ace a vitamin enriched facial serum.

For a gentle all around moisturizer, perfect for sensitive skin try the Ren Evercalm Moisturizer.

Doing a mini face massage when applying the moisturizer is a great way to boost skin health – so especially important for any beauty makeup.


Primer, Radiance

This step is mainly for a beauty makeup, if doing a character look, you can skip on to makeup.

It is possible to mix and match the layers of skincare depending on the requirements of the shoot and my clients’ skin and primer is optional but can offer a more radiant or mattifying finish to underpin the makeup.

Inika Organic Primer with Hyaluronic acid is a great option for dryer skin.  For a mattifying primer try the Zao Organic Sublime Primer or for radiance try Dr Hauschka Regenerative Cream Complexion.

Once this step is complete you are ready to apply the makeup!

In Conclusion

Great skin prep always leads to a better looking makeup – even if it is a character look that is less than glamorous.  Using conscious beauty products to achieve healthy skin not only nourishes the skin with high performing ingredients, but allows the artist to support brands and practices that are ethical and beautiful all the way through

Photo by Simon Wisbey – Model Louise Boyce

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