Battle of the Balms - some of our kit favourites

A good balm is at home in our kits all year round, but now is the time when they really start to come into action. Things like central heating, drinking less water and of course the endless handwashing start to dry our client’s and our own skins out.

Many balms on the market are predominantly mineral oil based. These may feel comforting on the skin, and indeed perhaps offer some kind of protection if out in harsh elements, but long term they’re not ideal.

Mineral oil is a petrochemical derived from petroleum, also known as crude oil. This fossil fuel is used to make thousands of different things, the by-products of which can often turn up in our beauty products. Crude oil in its raw state would of course be bad for our health, however, to be used in a face cream it would have to be of the highest purest grade. All contaminants and impurities would be removed, making it pretty safe to put on the skin. Mineral oil is occlusive, meaning it becomes a waterproof barrier – ‘locking’ things in, and locking things out. I always joke that it would be great if you were swimming the channel and wanted to protect your skin, or were running the marathon and wanted to avoid skin chafing. However it wouldn’t be my choice for much else, it may be ‘safe’ to put on your skin but what else is it actually doing? I’d much rather choose something like a beeswax or shea butter that can protect the skin but also add essential fats, vitamins and antioxidants to help heal and calm skin.

There is also that huge issue of sustainability. Anything derived from petroleum does not fit within our conscious ethos. We prefer to choose balms that are full of sustainably and fairly sourced plant oils and butters.

Some of our favourites

Keep these in your kit bag (one in every pocket too!) to heal, calm and soften skin. 

A good balm is a multi-tasking hero – use them to protect against the elements, but also to add sheen to your make-up and to refresh make-up too. They’re great mixed into pigments to custom blend as well! Use them on anything that needs some tlc – hands, cuticles, elbows, split ends and fly-aways – anywhere.


Ohana All-in-one Wonder Balm

A pure treat for skin (that if I’m honest has never made it into my kit! This sits by my bed and is wonderful just before sleep.) It’s also helped to calm a stubborn dry patch on my forehead. This range uses CBD alongside other ingredients such as Diam Oleoactif and Palo Santo to calm and protect.



Weleda Skin Food

The iconic Skin Food is a favourite in all of our kits and handbags. It now comes in a variety of textures to suit your skin and needs. Literally put in anywhere and everywhere!



Odylique Ultra Rich Balm

This was our skin saviour in early lock down. A really simple ingredient list but it calms and nourishes skin wonderfully.


Nourish Antioxidant Multi-tasking Super Balm

As the name suggest this balm is packed full of antioxidants and you can put it use on pretty much anything you fancy – try it to cleanse or as an overnight mask.


LBB A-Game Ultra-Hydrating Multi-tasking Stick Balm

This clever stick balm contains 4 super food plant oils but also hyaluronic acid and ceramides, this is perfect in a kit to add radiance to any skin. Perfect for handbags on the move too.


On our wishlist - Pamoja Reset Cleansing Balm

This one is a cleansing balm and the ingredient list looks amazing – after seeing green beauty blogger Wonderlusting Lynda’s description of it “utterly scrumptious multiple skingasm inducing cleansing balm” I want in!! This is the lovely bright yellow balm in the main image.

In Conclusion

As the weather starts to get colder treat your client’s skin to products packed full of sustainable ingredients that really nourish and care.

Why not check out this article on understanding INCI lists to help you understand what’s in your products.

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