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Since the beginning,  Conscious Beauty Union has been dedicated to operating a responsible business. While we are registered as a limited company in England and Wales, at our heart, we a community interest organisation. 

Our mission is to support our peers in developing a sustainable practice by:


  • prioritising and raising awareness about the environmental impact of the beauty industry – and the part we play;
  • providing education around various ethical issues of the beauty – and related – industries;
  • and, promoting the importance and benefits of financial, physical and mental health and wellbeing for our members.
We believe this approach has the ability and opportunity to reach beyond our just core membership. Professional hair, makeup and skincare specialists were the original beauty influencers, and continue to authentically promote products and practices that inspire brands and consumers alike, in making more conscious choices in their lives, businesses and beauty routines. It also makes good business sense.

We are a small team of 4, who all have other “day jobs” and careers in the beauty industry. Currently, our leadership team does not earn anything from the running of the business. We have chosen to reinvest all the funds back into developing the education and paying our guests experts for their time. At such time we are able to draw a salary for our time working on the business, we will let you know what the directors draw, as well as what we pay our staff (when we have some!)

When we dreamed up Conscious Beauty Union, it was to champion those artists and practitioners, like ourselves,  that are actively walking the talk. This is still the crux of what we do and we aim to achieve this in an accountable way through our CBU Approved Certification Programme.

To ensure we are living up to our values and pillars, we have taken the following actions:



  • We champion, support and promote brands that prioritise ethical behaviour, manufacturing practices and supply chain management.
  • We have made sure our website is accessible to people with disabilities within our community/membership.
  • Our community is open to all qualifying* members, regardless of age, race, gender, ability, or who they choose to love.
  • We actively promote responsible production and consumption habits in our community. 
  • We evaluate the ethics and practices of our third-party suppliers and prioritise engaging with organisations that echo our social and environmental commitments, over cost. In instances where we cannot avoid engaging with organisations that don’t share our values – due to budgetary constraints or availability, but that is required by law (eg: insurance), we endeavour to move to a different supplier as soon as we are financially or otherwise able to so. 
  • We have an external convened an advisory board to hold us to account.

*Professional hair, makeup and skincare practitioners. 

Health & Wellbeing

  • We champion, support and promote brands that produce products with ingredients that don’t compromise or impede on human health.
  • We actively promote personal and professional wellbeing practices.
  • We understand that the human body is an ecosystem that mimics Nature, and as such, should be treated as a whole system.


  • We champion, support and promote brands that are mindful of their environmental impact, and authentically engage with reducing, and improving their impact. 
  • Our website is hosted on servers based in the UK and run on 100% renewable energy provided by Ecotricity. 
  • Our website design has been consciously considered to reduce energy use, by not using white/light page backgrounds.
  • Our team works from home (both by design and by practicality), so we avoid unnecessary travel emissions, energy use and office waste. 
  • Our home offices are powered by renewable energy suppliers.
  • We believe in full transparency regarding our working practice
  • We prioritise reducing and reuse before recycling.
  • We work with people that share our passion for people and the Planet.

Our Partners

Feedback is committed to holistic sustainability and we are always seeking to improve. If you know of a way we can improve, we’d love to hear more. You can email us at


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