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Our content is written for a very specific audience and as such, some of our content requires a membership. However, our more general posts, that benefit beauty pro’s and beauty lovers alike are free for anyone to read in CBU The Library.

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CBU’s  mission is to  support artists and professional practitioners across the global beauty industry to develop a sustainable practice. Our memberships help to achieve this. We understand that not everyone can afford our memberships at this time, which is why we have different levels to meet you where you are on your conscious beauty journey.

We wanted to create an exclusive environment for our members to ask questions, share ideas and learn about the complexities we as freelancers wanting to do the right thing for ourselves, clients, animals and the Planet.

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That depends on your membership level. You can

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The most likely reasons is that you don’t have a high enough membership level or you have not purchased Add On access.

Access to the Directory is included in VIP and Premium membership packages, but members on the Friend or Associate packages can purchase access.

While certifications can be useful in helping consumers to make choices – with some kind of certainty  – on a brands ethics and practices, they all come with their own pros and cons.

Just because a brand does not have a certification, it in no way implies that they aren’t doing what they are saying. 

If you would like more information on a particular brand’s sourcing and manufacturing practices, we would encourage you to reach out them directly. 

No. Naturally, you can use any kind of product for any kind of situation. Our ‘Best For’ just offers insight into the most suitable services/scenarios/clients from having used it in these environments.

Our Directory only  gives you a sna shot of relevant information around companies ethics and practices – from information that is publically available

Therefore, a brand that has an ‘X’ next to a certain policy does not imply that they do not have such a policy – just that they have not made it publically available, and as such, don’t meet all four pillars of a sustainable organisation. 

If you are concerned about their practices, we would encourage you to reach out to the brand directly for clarity and assurances. 

Conscious Beauty Union’s main objective is to support beauty pro’s in developing a sustainable practice, where ever they are in the world. That means we need to include brands that are widely available, accessible and affordable, provided they have made significant steps to prioritising one of CBU’s three pillars: Ethics, Health + Wellbeing and Sustainability.

We are constantly updating our Brand Directory. Each entry takes a significant amount of time to research and upload. 

We took the decision to launch with what we had, and just keep adding as we go. We have a long list that we are working our way through!

If you have any suggestions of brands you feel should be included, don’t hesitate to get in touch. It has always been our intention to have input from our members, so we’d love to hear from you.

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