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Our Top Practical Tips You Need to Reduce Covid 19 Stress

Chronic stress lowers our immune system a time when we need it to be strong. To help you stay well, we share some easy tips to improve the way you feel. 


Practice Gratitude

Focus on the beauty in your life and the people you love. Practicing gratitude is very effective to boost the way you feel. Especially if you do this when you first wake up. It sets the tone of your day. You can get creative by making a gratitude board with pictures or writing a journal. When you plan your day, make sure to schedule in your joy; do things that make you smile. Smiling triggers the brain to release endorphins so you feel happier. Your mind does not distinguish between imagination or reality, so you can fake it until you make it.


Visualise Your Day

This activates your Reticular Activating System in your brain that filters all the data that validate your beliefs. It tells your brain what your goals are so that it can pinpoint opportunities to fulfil your desires. Mel Robbins explains this very well.


Reframe the story in your head

What if Covid-19 is an opportunity for you to take stock of your life? Ask yourself what is really important to you. Instead of watching the news 24/7 find mentors that inspire you. You can self educate via podcasts, videos of people to help you expand your horizons and feel fulfilled in life. Follow your passion and try something new. If you are not sure where to start you, have a look at Mindvalley, a personal growth platform with courses to help you re-evaluate your life, goals and thinking. Arianna Huffingtons book Thrive also calls for redefining our idea of ‘success’ and shares tips how to live a healthy, productive, and meaningful life.


Shake it Off

Move your body – shake off your stress. Just like animals do after they have been chased by a lion. Go into nature to ground yourself. Dance or walk barefoot in nature to release any excess nervous energy. This recharges and reboots your battery. Read more about ‘earthing’ in this book.


Food for Thought

Use fresh garlic and ginger often, science confirms their power to prevent disease and boost your immunity. Garlic is antimicrobial and an antibiotic, it can prevent infections in and outside the body. Sip ginger tea with manuka honey, homebrew with fresh ginger is best. You can add some medicinal Manuka honey, which is antiviral too.


M is for Magnesium

Relax by having a bath with Epsom Salt to relax and absorb Magnesium. Magnesium is the ultimate chill pill – its actually a mineral – and the best way to absorb it is via the skin. Try Better You and read The Magnesium Miracle by Dr Carolyn Dean to learn more. 


Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy is a powerful plant medicine with that benefit the mind, body and health. Many organic skincare use essentials oils that can relax and soothe. You can add essential oils in your bath or diffuser to breathe in their magic. Always mix with a carrier oil, only lavender can be used neat on the skin. If you have sensitive skin proceed with caution and do a patch test first. If you need help we are happy to advise.


Touching. Feeling.

Touch is one of the senses that brings you into the present. Why not introduce a mini facial massage when you apply your skincare? This way you can create a daily beauty ritual and combine it with setting your intentions or visualising your day.  A simple massage calms the mind and serves as a facial workout too. Stimulating specific acupressure points can help your body relax or help sleep. The ‘Triple Warmer’ point for example controls our fight, flight or freeze response, read more here. An easy way to use acupressure is by laying down on a ‘bed of nails’, a yoga mat with little spikes that release the tension from your body.


Listen To The Music

Listen to the music you love. Music has the ability to soothe, heal, and energise. Dance to your favourite music which stimulates the release of your happy hormones endorphins. Post dance workout try sound healing music with Tibetan singing bowls, or classical music to soothe your nervous system.


The Power of Song

Sing to lift your spirit.  It gives courage and tells your brain that you are happy and excited even if you feel fearful. Choose songs with empowering lyrics as your brain listens to what you tell yourself. Your brain learns by repetition so be mindful of which words you use. For more about this check out Marissa Peer’s book ‘The Secret about feeling great about yourself every day’.

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